Health & Safety

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Pedestrian safety

SA death rate twice the world average!

CEO of Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire, Graeme Blewitt, emphasises the need for road safety measures to curb pedestrian accidents.

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SANBS - The Importance of Blood Donation

Saving Lives

The aim is to collect 3000 units of blood on a daily basis to meet the country’s demand, but securing and maintaining a safe blood supply is a constant challenge.

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Imperial IPledge

Responsible Truck Safety

Known as one of the highest-risk professions, Imperial takes all the necessary measures to ensure that their truck drivers are putting safety first.


Water Tips from ER24

Healthy Hydration

Your body consists of approximately 70 to 80% water! The most important commodity for survival, yet neglected!

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The Science of Eating Right

by onRoute

With four unique blood types, why shouldn't we have four specialized diet plans?

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A South African Reality

Even though it is not always possible to avoid the so called hot spots, it is possible to reduce the risk of becoming a smash and grab victim.

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Staying Afloat This Summer

During the summer holiday period more people frequent the beaches and pools to cool off and have fun. However, what starts as fun could potentially be life-threatening.

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Advanced Driver Training

Making Good Business Sense...

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Spring to Spiritual Health

Alternative Treatments for Healthy Living

It’s not all about just eating right and exercising. We require emotional and spiritual rejuvenation!

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Advanced Driver Training

Good Business Sense

It then makes sense that companies who hire employees for the purpose of driving, should invest in them by providing some post licence training.