Up the Fun Factor

Hello, Summer! It’s time to get the kids unglued from their cellphones and outdoors to enjoy sunshine and family time. We’ve found ten of the top toys to get the whole family playing again.

Life’s a Beach

It’s every little princess’s dream house and best of all, she gets to create and style it herself. The Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ‘n Style Beach House has two rooms as well as a patio, and even a whirl-and-twirl dance floor because, really, what is a beach house without a party? Keeping the laid-back theme, the house even has a Jacuzzi which holds water! Plus, the set also comes with Beach Fun Barbie® and Nikki® mini-fashion figures for your little girl to dress up or down as the mood strikes. This would make the perfect Christmas gift for girls aged four and up.

Hello, Summer! It’s time to get the kids unglued from their cellphones and outdoors to enjoy sunshine and family time. We’ve found ten of the top toys to get the whole family playing again.

Price: R269, was R459

Enthral Budding Engineers

Give a little boy a robot and he is guaranteed to pull it apart to “see how it works”. Which is exactly why he needs to get his hands on the 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit. This chameleon-like robot is heaven on earth for budding engineers as there are 14 different robot modes to be mastered, including the uber-cool “zombie chaser”. What’s more, this nifty little robot’s accessories and parts enable it to move on both land and water. An added bonus is the fact that this solar-powered toy requires no batteries. Plus, it’s both fun and educational!

Price: R340

Hone in with this Drone

It’s a total boy’s toy, but grown men will be licking their chops to get their hands on this nifty gadget. The Syma six-inch Radio Controlled QuadCopter is a dream come true for any wanna-be military man wishing to do a little recon over the fence into the neighbour’s backyard. This drone has a six-axis gyroscope, LI-poly battery, speed mode and will be responsive via radio control for up to approximately 20 metres. It can weather a few knocks and thanks to its stable design, it can even handle a few flips. Best of all, it has an HD camera with two gigabytes of storage capacity mounted underneath!

Price: R840

Trick Ride

Which little kid hasn’t dreamt of joining the circus? And what better way to start their training than getting them a MyUniway Unicycle. It’s one-wheeled coolness at its ultimate. With a top speed of 16 miles per hour and a range of 15 kilometres, this little 9.3-kilogram unicycle packs a fair punch for its size. Kids can expect a zippy ride and easy handling – standing on the footpads; they can control their acceleration by leaning forwards or deceleration by leaning backwards. The MyUniway is electric and charges to full power in about 60 minutes - charger, training wheels, and training belt all included. 

Price: R7 999

Twist and Shout

Little bodies have a hard time sitting still so help your toddlers – aged 18 months and up - burn off all that extra energy by investing in a Razor Kixi Twisti. With its cute bug-eyed appearance, this kiddies’ toy is a hit. The lightweight, impact-resistant frame makes for easy manoeuvrability, all the littlies have to do is sit and grasp the handlebars and move them from side to side to go forward. And just to up the cuteness quotient, those big bug eyes move from side to side in sync with the handlebars. 

Price: R299, was R499

Light up the Night

Summer days are jam-packed with fun, sports, family time, and loads of outdoor activity. However, just because the sun starts to set doesn’t mean the fun needs to end. Enter the Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee Flying Disc for plenty of night-time fun! This illuminated lightweight disc has a brightly coloured rim spoiler and LEDs, which make it very visible in the dark. Not a gifted player? The aerodynamically designed Aerobie Skylighter has a rubber rim to soften the blow of any hard throws while ensuring an easy grip for throwing. The 30-centimetre Skylighter is available in red, yellow, blue and green, and is battery-powered. 

Price: R280

Let’s Play Ball

Who doesn’t remember childhood summers spent smacking a tennis ball tied to a stake, trying to out-perform your opponent? The Dunlop Pro Slam Swingball Set is still helping mould dreams of becoming the next Roger Federer. This super easy-to-assemble set is perfect for summer holidays spent at home or on the beach. Its lightweight frame means it’s easy to transport plus it’s small enough to store with ease in the back of the car for a picnic excursion. The new racquets are a little larger but lighter while the foot press with spike anchors the pole with ease offering great stability. 

Price: R210

Spring in your Step

When six weeks of school holidays roll around, parents can find themselves frazzled after the first few days. Need to find innovative ways to keep them busy? The Bounce King eight-foot Air Max Combo Trampoline is your answer. The 68-centimetre high trampoline offers plenty room for enthusiastic jumpers while the extra-thick padded PE spring cover provides cushioning. The circular galvanized steel frame will not topple, and the trampoline holds 14-centimetre high-performance zinc plated springs to give extra oomph to your bounce. The UV-resistant safety enclosure is made from heavy duty net, which encloses the trampoline for a safe environment. 

Price: R1 899

Water Fight!

A long, hot summer’s afternoon is the perfect setting for a water fight of epic proportions, and the Nerf Super Soaker Hydri Storm is the kind of artillery that will win the battle, hands down! With a trajectory of 30-feet (ten metres), you’re guaranteed to have the upper hand with this motorized monster, which has a 740-millilitre tank. No pumping action is required – your victims will be at your mercy as long as you keep holding down the trigger.

Price: R199

Of Hobbits and Orcs

Should there be a rainy day during the holiday, no need to panic or even run to the nearest mall in hopes of keeping the whole family entertained. Lego has released a set based on the Lord of the Rings – The Tower of Orthanc. This 73-centimetre tall monstrosity has an intricately detailed building scheme which consists of no less than six floors with a folding staircase, trap door and even a Palantir that glows – a sure-fire guarantee to keep the kids busy for hours (and no doubt some adults, too). Included are five of the characters from the trilogy, and for added fun, there is an alchemy room with a cauldron, bomb and long axe.

Plus, this Lego set will be retired soon, so if you want to get your hands on a soon-to-be collector’s item, order your set today. Suitable for ages 14 and up. 

Price: R2 533