Photographer Interview

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A Photographic Journey

We talk to Emielke

Emielke’s style is understated and simple. She is one of Cape Town's most committed and enthusiastic photographers. Her portfolio is vast, but her true passion lies in travel.

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The Incidental Tourist

Dawn Jorgensen talks about her love affair with travel

Dawn Jorgensen is a writer, beauty seeker, earth advocate and photographer. She is also one of the top 10 travel bloggers in South Africa.

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Hard News & Extreme Sport Photographer

Interview with Passionate Photographer, Jono Wood

“Being immersed in your subject matter is exactly what’s needed to capture its true essence.”

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Extreme Photography

Gustav Janse van Rensburg

When you are a passionate, creative and a wild child at heart, the solution is simple - which is why Gustav Janse van Rensburg, combined his obsession for climbing with his love for photography.

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Photographic Feature

Making Tracks to the Ends of the World

Passionate adventure traveller and photographer, Carolina Mantella, is also an experienced Expedition Operator for highly acclaimed Ice Tracks Expeditions, taking tourists to the ends of the world.


Meet Mzansi Girl

Meruschka Govender

“I imagine myself as an unofficial ambassador for South African travel. So I started a blog.”

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Alexander Smith

Not just another Wedding Photographer

"The day I stop pushing and breaking boundaries and feel like I’m shooting just another wedding, is the day I know I’m done.”

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The Perfect Shot

Wildlife Photographer

Acclaimed wildlife photographer and safari tour guide Daryl Balfour talks: living in the wild, good lighting and being trampled by an elephant!

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Photographer Interview

Notes from Roger Ballen

A talented documentarian, artist and eccentric born in New York, but a Joburger since the '70s...


Notes from a Surf Photographer

Ryan Janssens

“The feeling you get when you take a great shot of someone from the water is far better than any feeling you get from the safety of the beach with a long lens!”