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Game Guru’s Top 10

The top 10 countdown!

With the industry stronger than ever in South Africa, we take a look back over the past year to give our gamers the top 10 countdown!


WWE 2014: 30 Years of Wrestle-Mania

This game is fun!

Wrestle-Mania is one of the most watched shows on public television in South Africa. Score: 77%


Fifa 14 (PS3)

by onRoute

The latest edition of FIFA has set a scarily high standard in sports gaming and EA could possibly have delivered the most realistic soccer game to ever grace a PlayStation 3. FIFA

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The Last of Us (PS3)

Game Guru Rates it 90%

The Last of Us has redefined what great gaming is all about - not only is the story compelling, but the game play is smooth and the graphics world class.

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What is your pick this season?

Game reviews

Check out the score we gave for FIFA 15 and Borderlands: Pre-Sequel

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Fun for adults and kids

by onRoute

Games are not just for kids, here we show you a few that will get mom and dad excited as well!


Battlefield 4 - China Rising

We love a good first-person shooter.

The graphics are beyond reproach and the story is gripping, but it is the online multiplayer that takes Battlefield to the next level for both novice and experienced gamers. Score: 81%

Robo Cop

The App Corner

Top 3 iPad games to download at the moment

Whether you want to broaden your knowledge or rekindle childhood memories, we have the right game for you!


NBA 2K14 (XBOX 360)

by onRoute

Since ESPN left South African television, American sports are actually becoming more popular on this side of the Atlantic. With SuperSport buying the rights to air baseball,

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The App Corner

by onRoute

Top 3 iPad games to download at the moment.