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Tiger Woods 2014 (Xbox 360)

Game Guru Rates it 85%

There is nothing here that will set your world on fire, but there is plenty to keep the love for this iconic game alive.

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God of War: Ascension (PS3)

Game Guru Rates it: 88%

God of War is as much a work of art as it is a game.

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The App Corner

Top 3 iPad games at the moment…

Air Hockey Just like the classic game you see in most arcade stores, Air Hockey on iPad is addictive and fun, but best of all, the best versions of the game are almost all

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The App Corner

Top 3 iPad Games

Dead Space Trust EA to produce great Playstation and Xbox games, but some of the platform adapted mobile games kick butt too and this first person shooter is no exception.


The App Corner

Addictive Ipad Games

Top 3 Ipad Games to Download

Army of 2 (1) EDIT.jpg

Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel (PS3)

Game Guru Rates it: 80%

This game is highly addictive, highly competitive and extremely fun.

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The App Corner

Top 3 Apps

Fruit Ninja Built on the same premise as Angry Birds where the simplest game is the most awesome. In Fruit Ninja fruit falls down the screen of your iPad and you have to slice it

DMC (1) EDIT.jpg

DMC: The Devil May Cry

Game Guru Rates It: 85%

The latest version is not only a great game with fantastic fight sequences, its also a very well told story.

Anarchy Reigns (2) EDIT.jpg

Anarchy Reigns

Game Guru rates it: 78%

Sometime we want nothing more than a good action-packed fighting game, and Anarchy Reigns hits the spot!



Game Guru Rating: 100%

Not a year goes by when the roar of the crowd in the latest FIFA offering doesn’t give us goosebumps...