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The Suzuki Family

Growing up so Fast

When we were offered a chance to test a few different members of their rather large family, we jumped at the opportunity...


Opel Astra: Punching above its Weight

by onRoute

Astra has had a makeover. OnRoute put this sedan through its paces on a short test drive…

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Road Safety

Tyre Safety Tips For your Next Road Trip

5 important tyre safety tips that could prove VERY beneficial...

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Car Rental

9 Easy Steps to Renting a Car

When heading off on a trip, renting a set of wheels need not be a daunting affair if you stick to a few simple steps...

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An Italian Affair

The Fiat 500L & Fiat Panda

Fiat isn’t necessarily a brand that one sees on the road much in South Africa, but this Italian stable has been producing great cars for decades now. OnRoute had a chance to put both the Panda and the 500L thro

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The Chevy Sonic RS

A Little Rocket Ship for the Road

“What the Sonic offers under the bonnet, it matches on the inside too. The interior is as sporty as the engine, yet still gives the passengers a level of executive comfort.”

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The Subaru Outback

More than just a family car

“Normally it is hard to contain the ruggedness of a Subaru, but the Outback seems to have a tamed sophistication to the way it moves.”

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The new Vespa 946

Ready for Summer!

The new 946 makes the most of its vintage good looks.

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Range Rover Evoque

Motoring Review

My first impression of the Evoque is that it is a drop-dead beautiful SUV with 20-inch alloy wheels that gives it an elegantly aggressive stance.

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Toyota 86

Motoring Review

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a prettier Toyota that has attracted as much attention as the 86. Unfortunately, its appeal is rather shallow and rests solely in its outer appearance.”